Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paints

Raw Silk Drapery Fabric

One of my favorite fabrics that I love to use for draperies because there is such a variety in the thread colors that are woven into the fabric. They're as chameleon-like as my complex neutral paint colors! Although it looks exactly like raw silk, it's actually made of 100% imported polyester which is more durable and doesn't fade. It is 54" wide and comes in six hand selected colors to coordinate with many of our neutral paint colors: Hemp (coordinates with Sand, Parchment and Adobe), Linen (coordinates with Adobe and Chestnut), Parchment (coordinates with Sand) Seaspray (Seaspray's many threads ranging from creams to greens, coordinates with JV Cloud White, Perret Ivory, Gustavian Grey, Lichen & Khaki), Tea Stain (coordinates with Sable), and Tussah (Adobe & Chestnut). Price: $44 yard, plus shipping.